10 Things You Need To Know About Landing Page Design To Grow Traffic

What looks good also sells well!

In today’s world, a landing page is considerers a powerful tool to bring conversions as well as improve the SEO rankings. This, in turn, helps in building the respective brand. A landing page can become your one-man army! However, it is the design part that distresses people the most while working on the conversions.

10 Things You Need To Know About Landing Page Design To Grow Traffic

Land page design is one of the best ways to drive conversion on the website. And, if it is designed efficiently, then the performance of our PPC campaigns can really bear the best fruits in terms of ROI.

A landing page has several components that need to be looked upon in order to come out with the best design. From simple to complex elements, a little change can transform the way your website looks as well as how the user navigates. Hence, the impact on conversion can be witnessed.

Here are the 10 things you should know about designing a landing page.

Make sure that the Messaging Between Ads and the Landing page is consistent
This is an obvious element to take care of while talking about conversions. You have to make sure that the ads you put upon sync with your landing page content. The user should not feel misguided or else they are most likely to bounce back. Whether your ads and landing page lacks consistency or you have a broken URL- your users will not convert.

Change Sign-up Flow Of Your Landing Pages
Try playing with colors and buttons on the website to understand at what display and design strategy does the landing page converts. And, so are the big changes like changing the Sign-up flow of your landing pages. Providing them with options that relate to their needs makes them feel that they have control over the website.

A/B Testing
A lot of us put upon too many efforts on the forms of the landing page but only a few of them consider the position of the form on the landing page. Try testing with your form on the landing page to understand where the interaction is more.

Make it mobile-friendly
It is well known that most of the users are on mobile; thus it is important to have a mobile-friendly website that enables the user to perform actions with ease. Mobile ads are highly effective in bringing users on the landing page as they relate to the customer’s needs to buy something at the present.

Have A Killer CTA
Forget the traditional way of “Submit” Button. This new and young generation needs something unique. So, while writing a call to action button, rethink your strategy. A CTA decides whether you will have a conversion or not. Still, only a few understand the importance of it.

Put In “The Voice of the Customer”
In order to create a compelling and convincing landing page, you need to out in the voice of the customer. It is essential to speak to the customer in the way they understand. Some marketers think that using indecipherable language words helps but the customer will only understand if you speak to them in their words and relate to their questions!

Put in Videos and Images
Virtually show what you want to talk about on the landing page. A media attracts and appeals more to the user as none actually has that much time to sit and read the entire landing page. Highlight the necessary portions in order to get their attention.

Stay within the Fold
Always make sure to place your CTA button above the fold. If the user has to really scroll down and find for the button, then the chances are they leave. Keep all the things above the fold and entice the visitor.

Keep Good Headlines and Copy
Each word in advertising is important as well as how and where you position it. Whether it is appealing and easy to read by the customers or not! Make sure not to confuse the visitor.

Reduce Friction on the landing page
Friction on the landing page can cause a visitor to confuse and leave. Make the landing page experience for the user a smooth and flowing experience. Ensure clarity on the page and include an abundance of information in a smooth format.

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