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5 Common SEO Blunders That Can Ruin Your Site’s Rank

5 Common SEO Blunders That Can Ruin Your Site’s Rank

SEO plays a big role in popularizing the website image and is one of the powerful tools that helps the owners to achieve their marketing goals. In order to keep business on the top Google list, one has to avoid few SEO mistakes that can harm the website ranking. Although, SEO is the right path to obtain good ranking but at the same time its opposite face can lowers the business value. To avoid these mistakes, there is a number of proven ways which help in erasing all the SEO errors and can bring high results.

One must avoid these few SEO mistakes that can lose the heavy traffic:

  1. Content Duplication
    Google only search for unique and quality content and pick the best among them. It’s necessary to create unique and meaningful content to achieve better rankings. One must avoid using duplicate content and must focus on originality of the content.
  2. False Keywords
    It’s very important to focus on right keywords to achieve good ranking in Google. While picking the keywords, one must avoid using generic and long-tail keywords. A keyword must be selected by keeping customers in mind that what they like to search.
  3. Broken Backlinks
    In order to build solid website reputation, it’s necessary to choose quality external links to improve the ranking of the website. A low-quality and broken Backlinks can lower the reputation of the website.
  4. Less Social Interaction
    While working on SEO, there is high need of getting social on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and much more. There is high need of building relationships with customers and outreach them through social channels.
  5. Irrelevant Keywords
    To boost the Google ratings, there must be proper keyword stuffing for the SEO success. A wrong keyword stuffing can hurt the SEO performance.

Making SEO mistakes is quite common but it’s important to avoid them in marketing efforts. If you want to keep your website at high performance, it’s better to hire web professionals at StrategyWeb.