7 Important Tips to Improving Your WordPress Website Design

For building e-commerce, personal blogs, and many other types of websites, WordPress has become the most popular platform. Thereby, everyone is striving hard to make their WordPress site better with technical knowledge and creative ideas. Thousands of different plugins and add-ons are available to not only enhance the functionality but also improve the design of the website.

7 Important Tips to Improving Your WordPress Website Design
Here is a list of important tips that will help in designing a WordPress website with improved functionality.

  1. Select Theme Wisely
    One should always opt for premium themes rather than free ones while designing a website. Even if WordPress offers free themes, they lack functionality and code structure wherein the paid themes are of great code quality and exceptional flexible structure. It enhances the visual appeal of the UX and is specifically made considering the need to customize them regularly. The collection of templates and stylesheets helps in defining or enhancing the appearance and display of a WordPress powered website.
  2. Font
    One needs to research thoroughly before deciding the font of a website as it plays a crucial role in building a trustworthy brand. If you are planning to set up custom fonts, it will be a time-consuming task but will help in taking the website ahead in the competition. The fonts you choose after putting extra efforts directly reflect the personality of your brand. A range of modern fonts is available that increases the readability of the body text and headings. There are many popular choices for WordPress site fonts that make websites look progressive and stylish.

    It is equally important to take care of the color selection of the WordPress website while designing a website. SEO, Digital Marketing, Hosting and Online Marketing are equally important to rank in the search engine. When a color complements your brand, it plays a vital role in the success of your website. It is not aesthetically important but it helps in retouching the design and setting an accent color for the WordPress site.

  3. A good logo
    There is various logo making websites that are reliable and help in saving time and money. The scalability and simplicity of the logo help in creating a unique logo. This is the best way to convey the values and ideas of your brand to the people. It helps in setting a cornerstone identity to the businesses. Websites offer a collection of logotypes and logo marks, combining them in an appropriate manner results in a creative and informative logo.
  4. Mobile-Friendly Websites
    To survive in this ever-changing era, the website should be fully responsive and mobile-friendly to make them suitable for mobile phones and other gadgets. The well-maintained WordPress themes and plugins are upgraded regularly to enhance their performance on the smaller screens. It is important to identify the changes in custom site design to enhance the experience of the site visitors.
  5. Regular Updates
    It is vital to regularly update the website to fix functionality issues and bugs. It is the best way to add new features, plugins, and themes to make your website stand out online. One can easily update the WordPress website without any hassle. It is an effective way used to make a responsive design suitable for every screen size, platform, and device. A WordPress developer takes into consideration that in the mobile-first world, the design should be implemented on the hand-held device and to ensure that every aspect is taken care of.
  6. SSL Certificates to Every Site
    Gone are the days when SSL certificates were only considered important only for online bank portals or eCommerce shops as they handle sensitive client information. But now an SSL certificate is important even for building a personal blog.

    Google, the most preferred search engine has started flagging sites that do not have an SSL certificate because it is not secure to share data on such a website. Many hosting providers will guide in having an SSL certificate installed for managing the WordPress sites. Even some sites offer free SSL certificates after your website qualifies certain criteria.

  7. Explore Tools
    To be more productive and efficient while building sites for clients, WordPress developers should keep on exploring new tools for improving and simplifying workflow using some WordPress themes, apps, extensions, etc. They are quite useful for meeting the new challenges and fulfill the unique site requirements of the WordPress websites. A bunch of research time helps in finding a brand new solution for the site design. Some tools are quite useful for increasing the efficiency of a website with a custom solution.

Last Words
These are some of the tips that benefit the workflow of a WordPress site. It is suggested to make such changes in a test environment to see their application and keep clients smiling! Applying these WordPress tips and best practices would make your sites shine. A little effort can create a great WordPress website that can give a unique impression of your company globally.