Check Out Here the WordPress Latest Version Features

Last year, 12th November 2019, was a day of remarkable significance in the WordPress world. The latest version of WordPress, i.e. WordPress 5.3 ‘Kirk’ was launched on this day. WordPress 5.3 is a blend of novel features as well as advanced versions of some pre-existing features, making it more intuitive than ever before. These new and updated features in WP 5.3 are of tremendous importance to users, developers and websites owners.

Check Out Here the WordPress Latest Version Features
Let us learn about the various features that WordPress 5.3 offers.

  1. The latest pre-installed default theme
    The new default theme of WP 5.3 is ‘Twenty Twenty’. This elegant theme has been developed by Rasmus Andersson and is built upon Chaplin, an earlier free WP theme. It empowers users to create appealing and aesthetically pleasing layouts for posts and pages and focuses on the Gutenberg block editor. The core focus of this novel theme is readability, flexibility, typography, and clarity. The Twenty Twenty theme has a full-width single column layout and three pages/post templates. It is also embedded with a new inter typeface font such as bold, super bold and italics. Using the font features available on Twenty Twenty, it is possible for WordPress designers to create crisp and notable headlines for various pages and posts. WordPress developers can leverage these new additions in the theme to create bespoke pages and posts.
  2. Compatibility with PHP 7.4
    An important feature of WordPress 5.3 that will appeal to WordPress designers and developers is that this version of WP will fully support and be compatible with PHP 7.4.
  3. Refined Gutenberg block editor
    In WordPress 5.3, the Gutenberg block is incorporated with the latest advanced features. Some of the improvements made including:

    • Customized width and patterns in columns.
    • The ‘layout picker’ option for selecting a layout from a wide array of layouts and designs.
    • Innovative features added to the block table. These include background color, text alignment in columns and table header and footer.
    • Block navigation mode enables users to switch between blocks and seamlessly navigate between ‘edit’ mode and ‘navigation’ mode.
    • The image reordering option in the gallery block enables one to switch the positions of images in the gallery.
    • The social link block enables users to add or remove the social media icons. Social media profiles can also be linked to these icons.
  4. Automatic image rotation
    WordPress 5.3 supports automatic image rotation which makes sure that the image is correctly oriented when it is being uploaded, based on the EXIF orientation.
  5. Resuming image upload feature
    WordPress 5.3 is capable of resuming image uploads from the point it stopped previously due to connectivity issues. This feature enables users to upload large, high-quality images from their smartphones, in case the upload fails at the first attempt.
  6. Periodic admin email verification
    WP 5.3 will not check and verify admin email addresses at frequent intervals of time for relevance and authenticity. This will help prevent site administrators from getting locked out of the site in case of a change in the email address.
  7. Upgraded website health check screen
    The website health check feature which was introduced in WP 5.1 enables administrators to keep a close watch on the functioning of the website. In WP 5.1, the website health status was displayed in percentage. In WP 5.3, it is no longer displayed in percentage but in the form of status captions like good, excellent, needs improvement.