Don’t Make These 6 Mistakes When Creating A Web Design

Creating A Web Design

Every client has a unique choice and distinct requirements for creating a website. Some require their website should have unique designs and other may think designing is not necessary than info. But, being a professional web designer, you have to be a careful fulfilling requirement of every client.
Keeping the needs of every user in your mind, you should follow a strategy for creating a website. So, below are some necessary mistakes that every user makes but you should maintain for creating a good site. No matter, what your client’s requirements are, these below tips will help to make a clean and professional website.

Common Mistakes:

  • Too Small Fonts
    Initially, the font size was 12 px used in the website designing but later it is realized that 12 px is too small font size for the screen of 24 inches. For the last some years, the font size is suggested 14 px as a minimum size however many sites go with up to 18 px as a minimum size.
  • Moving Sliders
    Over the study, it’s outcome is obtained that only 1% people used to click on slider while the rest prefers the required information. When it is unable to get the click then adding moving slider will be wastage of time. The overall conclusion is found that a web developer should not add the sliders blindly because if everyone is doing the same, it will not be profitable.
  • Low Contrast Fonts
    The low contract refers to the background and font contrast. A lighter font with lighter background likewise dark font with dark background may look good in print design but it is not a good idea. Contrast should get through eyes and easy to read.
  • Poor Line Heigh
    A poor line height can make your fonts look hotchpotch. This little mistake deteriorates the overall look of your website. An average of developers makes this mistake while some professional pick a good line height.
  • Too Long Line Length
    It is recommended that per line should have minimum 50-60 characters even up to 75 characters are also acceptable. But, if it is a too long line of text, visitors may not read it. On the other side, if
    the line is too short, visitors will start and stop reading making it an annoying thing.
  • No Accent Colour For CTA
    Many developers use a call to action line without any accent colour. But, professional internet marketers should know that a good accent colour helps to draw the attention of people instantly and encourage to deal with. Make sure to give an eye-catching colour but different from overall website background colour.

Well, a professional web developers at StrategyWeb are well known to every new strategy and technique required for making an effective website. So, in order to create your business website, you can approach our experts.