List of Performance Oriented Sitemaps For Your Website by Experts

List of Performance Oriented Sitemaps For Your Website by Experts

List of Performance Oriented Sitemaps For Your Website by ExpertsWeb designers

Web designers are always looking for that greatest resource to improve the performance of a website and it is none other than the sitemap. They are basically of two types i.e. XML sitemaps and HTML sitemaps.

An HTML one is great when it comes to improve the usability of a website as it provides page links to every page, especially in case of a major website. To let Google know about the pages of a website, nothing beats XML sitemaps as they are used to finding the index pages of a website.

A List of Sitemap Tools and Resources

  • Google Webmaster Tools Sitemap Generator
    If you want to verify your sitemap through Webmaster Tools, you can get help from Google Webmaster Tools to help you generate your XML sitemap.
    This is one of the best ways to get your own XML sitemap and that too free of cost. All you need to do is enter your URL and within few minutes, you will get an XML file which you can upload to your website. Apart from this, it also gives you the option to update your website on frequent basis.
    To quickly create XML sitemap, this is one of the most simple and free online tool which gives you your required sitemap in no time.
    One more free online sitemap generator tool, it helps you set a frequency for its updates.
  • Google Sitemap Validator
    If you are looking for a free validator for your XML sitemaps, this smart IT Consulting is the one for you. All you got to do is enter your sitemap’s URL and let it process on its own.
  • SitemapDoc
    This is one site which lets you create both sitemaps i.e. XML and HTML depending upon your requirement.
  • WriteMaps
    This is a great online toll to create, edit and share your sitemap on the online front.
  • Simple Map
    Another free tool for creating XML or HTML sitemaps.
  • Online Sitemap Creator
    This tool is great if you are looking to create a sitemap for the static part of the website.
    This website is good to create XML and HTML sitemaps but what sets it apart is its ability to let you have more tools. All you need to do is create an account and get going.
  • Google (XML) Sitemaps Generator
    A simple WP plugin that creates an XML sitemap for your website and update it with your every post.

Need Any Expert Advice?

If you are not clear as to which sitemap to choose for your website or have no knowledge for the same, you need not worry as StrategyWeb is there to support you. Our experts will help you in choosing the sitemap which will help in making your website more search friendly and user friendly in no time.

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