Web Development Trends To Look Out For In 2017

Web Development Trends To Look Out For In 2017

It is amazing how WordPress has revolutionized the web development industry. A big thanks to the hundreds of plugins, extensions and tools that help users create a feature-packed website for their businesses or personal use. With a simple interface, it is easy to use and maintain a WP site. At present, there are around 30 million websites running on this amazing platform.

Every year, WordPress brings some eye-popping features that you can integrate in your site. Here in this blog, you will read about the web development trends that would be on the high rise in 2017.

  • Mobile responsive
    Mobiles or smartphones have become the primary necessity of our lives. According to a study, around 50.7% of the web traffic comes from handheld devices. So, it is vital to make your website mobile-friendly so that it can work on any screen size without dropping any of its functionality. Create a site that can adapt any screen size and deliver exceptional experience all the time.
  • Parallax visuals
    Parallax visuals are 3D illusion that move in the background at a slower speed than the foreground. It is quite easy to add this feature in your WP site. It is the most engaging way to tell your brand’s story to your audiences. It will remain the favorite of WordPress designers in 2017 as well.
  • Stunning card and grid design
    Cards effectively divide the content into different sections that makes the entire content easy to read on handheld devices. The card-based UI is an innovative technique to make your web content intriguing to read. It is advisable to experiment a little with design and layout to stun your audiences.
  • Improved attention to typography
    Just like images or videos, typography plays a vital role in making your site everyone’s favorite. You can add different readable and creative fonts that can impress your users and compel them to stay long. The amazing textual representation will become the cornerstone in the web development industry.
  • Flat colors will become the thing of past
    A few years back, the flat designs used to be the best layout but then came a time when they became too common. This lead to the invention of new design elements, shadows, overlap and the card technique which can only be accomplished with modern technologies.
    A few years back, the flat designs were in trend, and then came a time when they become so old school. This lead to the invention of new design elements, shadows and other innovative techniques to deliver a fresh and modern look.

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