10 Unique Web Design Trends will Improve Traffic on your website

The world has undergone a change with each passing year and so have web designs trends. A website is an integral part of every business and brand. Web designing, the art of designing and developing websites from ground zero is not just about merely using simple pictures and lengthy content to go with it. Web design is also about striking the perfect balance between graphics, content, and the use of latest technologies. A good web design is a key differentiator between an average brand and a top one. People judge businesses and brands on the basis of their websites.

10 Unique Web Design Trends will Improve Traffic on your website

Having a captivating and unique web design is an effective means to capture the attention of your target audience and increase the web traffic. If you have a business or brand, having an appealing web design is something which you cannot ignore.

Here are the top 10 unique web design trends from Strategyweb, a leading name in website design Scarborough. Incorporating these latest trends will surely help you to achieve a higher website traffic Scarborough.

1. Dark themes
A dark theme for your website not only looks trendy and modern but also makes the content and design elements appealing to the eye. A dark theme features light text and pictures on a dark background. This helps to grab the attention of the visitors on your website and at the same time reduces the strain on their eyes. Indeed, dark is the new buzzword in the market and the new light too.

2. Minimalism
When we talk about websites, simplicity is preferred over complexity by the visitors. Having a simple and minimalist design for your website means the users can easily find what they are looking for without any hassles. The white space must be effectively utilized to ensure that there are no distracting elements on the website which divert the attention of the target audience.

3. Lively colours
Colours are a crucial element in any website. It is essential to add vibrant colours to your website. Using lively colours is an effective way to grab the attention of the users and make them stay longer on your website.

4. Blend of Photos and Videos
As the famous saying goes – A picture is worth a thousand words. Photos and videos are self explanatory and do not need too much content. They are eye catching and at the same time less tedious for the visitors than going through the entire content on the website. Photo and video content saves time as well as visitors can understand your business and products offered by you without any hassles.

5. Augmented Reality (AR)
AR can help improve the purchasing experience of users. With augmented reality, individuals can actually see which product suits their face (e.g. glasses, earrings, beauty products). The virtual try-on feature is due to the power of AR.

6. Abstract shapes
The use of abstract shapes in websites is a powerful trend that has emerged recently. Having different geometric shapes scattered throughout your website helps to capture the users’ attention.

7. Attractive 3D elements
The use of 3D elements adds zeal to your website. It not only creates a captivating experience for your website visually but also enhances the UX as well. It bridges the gap between the digital world and the real world.

8. Illustrations
The use of Illustrations has the potential to showcase the true power of the products or services offered by you. Top-notch illustrations set your website apart from your competitors by giving it a distinctly different look and feel.

9. Data virtualization
People tend to interpret visual information much better than text. The use of graphs, charts, diagrams, and maps appeal to the target audience more than just monotonous words.

10. Voice user interface
Voice user interface (VUI) allows users to interact with the website using voice based commands rather than typing the queries. VUI leverages speech recognition technology to make things easier for the users.

If you are looking to incorporate the latest trends in web design, hiring Strategyweb, a top web design Scarborough Company is definitely the best choice.