StrategyWeb is the leading WordPress design & development service company in Scarborough. Our developers understand your business and offer quick and effective web solutions to all your website concerns.

Wanting to create a new website or looking to upgrade your existing WordPress site, StrategyWeb is always there for you. If you are looking for the best user interface and user experience for your website, WordPress is the answer for you.

Emerging from a mere blogging platform to the most used CMS platform to create websites, WordPress has come a long way.Get That Dullness Out Of Your Website With WordPress! Contact Us Today.


Customized WordPress Themes

WordPress gives you great opportunity to customize your website according to your own style and preferences. Our professionals understand our customers requirements and work accordingly to give you the desired website. When we design your website, it reflects the image and vision of your company.

Have a Look At Our Services

We provide services for all your WordPress concerns in the most simple and efficient manner in Scarborough. Whether you want to use anyone or a mix of the below services, StrategyWeb will assist you with the same.

Website Design

We design your website according to the latest trends and designs that best suits your business.

Website Maintenance

Maintaining a website is far more important than creating one and we do the same for you.

Online store management

We manage your online store to create maximum conversions for your website.

WordPress Plugins

We make sure you get the right plugins installed to your website to make it more user friendly.

Landing Page Design

Your PPC campaign is incomplete without a good design of the landing page.

Content Development

We maker relevant content with the use of the right keywords to make your website rank higher.

What All You Get With a WordPress Website?

Unlimited Plugins

WordPress allows the owners to have as many numbers of plugins as they need as per their requirements. Our team makes sure you choose the right plugins for your website as irrelevant plugins are hardly of any use.

Great Security

One of the biggest concerns for website owners is the security of their website. StrategyWeb offers you full proof security to your website, giving a tough time to all the hackers out there.

Website Gets SEO Friendly

Google has declared preferring WordPress websites over traditional ones, when it comes to ranking the websites. Our technical team implements focused strategies through the use of right keywords to get your website up the search ladder!

Beautiful Themes

With WordPress, you get a lot of beautiful designs for your website. This is very essential as a boring and dull design will turn the visitors away. StrategyWeb helps you choose the best design and layouts, making your website shine out amongst your competitors.

We Will Handle Your WordPress Website Maintenance So You Can Focus On Your Business Growth.