Keyword Stuffing in Content will help you in SEO. What is it and how to avoid excess?

SEO is all about the keywords- we all know that. And, so using it in the content helps in improving the optimization of the content for the Search engines. It helps the search engine to crawl the content and find it relevant.

Keyword Stuffing in Content will help you in SEO. What is it and how to avoid excess?

And, many of the content creators working specifically for SEO ended up stuffing the article with keywords. You are not alone. But, did you know that it can really make your SEO difficult if you stuff too many keywords in one content piece? It is a big No-No when you are working on the SEO of the website.

Search engines, particularly Google considers these keywords as irrelevant keywords and considers that they are being used to manipulate the ranking. This makes the content and thus the webpage suspicious which ends up hampering the website ranking.

Before we get into avoiding keyword stuffing,. Let us learn what is keyword stuffing actually?

What is Keyword Stuffing?

Google says that keyword stuffing is the practice of filling up web pages with a certain keyword in order to manipulate their ranking of the website on the search engine results page. Google says that they are irrelevant keywords and appear in the groups or lists. And, moreover, it can be really annoying for the readers.

All these words end up breaking the flow of the reader and interrupt the reading. And, once their attention is diverted, it is difficult to retrieve them back.

Hubspot says that keyword stuffing is counted under black hat SEO techniques as it is done to manipulate the search engine and boost the website ranking. They also refer it to as “ practice against search engine guidelines”- no matter whether it was international or not.

And, Google does not say no to the keyword stuffing but it does penalize the website for using such manipulative SEO tricks.

How to Avoid Keyword Stuffing in Content in SEO?

Make synonyms your friend
Use synonyms of the same words if you are to repeat certain words.

Use keywords research results
Using the keywords research results for using other keyword phrases and still be relevant to the audience.

Use long-tail keywords
Using long-tail keywords makes the content free of keyword stuffing.

Write longer content
Longer content means you will have more scope to use up your keyword and less keyword density.

Use Latent Semantic Indexing keywords
There are certain keywords that can be used instead of the keywords themselves as they are related to the keyword.

Write for real readers first
Make sure to write for the readers and then optimize it for SEO purposes.

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